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UG and PG Courses in detail


We offer almost all UG and PG courses with differential of appilcational talence.

RAH Distance Education Courses

UG Courses


                BA. English

                BA. Urudu

                BA. Historical Studies

                BA. Public Admimistration

                BA. Economics

                BA. Vishnavism

               BA. Criminology & Police Administration

                BA. Lit



                B.Sc  Mathematics

                B.Sc  Mathematics/ Physics/optometrics

                BSc.  Psychology

               Bsc.Tele communications

                B.Sc. Medical Sociology

                B.Sc  Visual Communication

                B.Sc  Catering / Costume

                B.Sc Botany

                B.Sc Geography

               And so on…….

                Commerce & Management


                B.Com. Commerce

                B.Com Bank Management

                B.Com Co-Operation

                B.Com corp. secretary

                B.Com – CA

                BBM ( All Specializations)

                BBA ( All Specializations)



               IT – Computer


                B.Sc- IT

               BSc. CS

PG Courses


               MA. English

               M. Music

                MA. Urudu

                MA. Hindi

                MA. Historical Studies

                MA. Public Admimistration

                MA. Economics


                MA. Christian Studies

                MA. Human Rights & Duties Education

                MA. Modern Arabic

                MA. Po;itical Science

                Commerce & Management

                M.Com ( All Specializations)

                M.Com – CA

                MBA ( All Specializations)



               IT – Computer


                M.Sc- IT

               MSc. CS

                MSC. Mathematics

                MSC. Psychology

                MSC. Medical Sociology

                MSC. Geography

                MSC. Councelling Psychology

                MSC. Botany

                MSC. Zoology

                MSC. Physics

                MSC. App. Physics

                MSc. Environmental science

                MSC. Chemistry

                MSC IT

                MSC-CS/ IT

                MSC. Bio Informat

                And so on………..


                Library Information




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